Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Blog!!!

So, I am starting a new blog...ya, I know I am fabulous at this one, now a new one....But the topic for the new one is really something I can sink my teeth into...literally... It is: (ta-dah!!!) Single in Seattle and loving it!!!" (No, the ta-dah is not in the title.) After beign here almost 6 months...yes, 6 months...I have foudn thajt there is a ton to do, but most peolpe have not done it yet. Like Bakery Nouveau, who lives here and never goes there....unfortunately, singles....

Which I must say, makes no sense to me....this is a time to really experience so many wonderful things and you don't have to worry about a lot....course this is just my opinion. ;0)

I am really looking forward to the rest of this month trying out things that will appear in the blog kicking off April of my favorite days of the year...hehehehehe

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back in the Lower 48

Ya, so we have already estabilished my horribleness in blogging...

Leaving Alaska was almost as hard as leaving home for college, on one hand, I loved who I got to the other I missed a lot. Family, Burger King, friends, Burger King, driving over 50 miles and hour, Burger King....well, you get the picture. In the end it was time and looking back now (left in August) It was good.

From August to December I flew back and forth every other weekend to do lessons and work with the amazing community band members there. (They went into musical production in January and I also lost the place I was doing lessons.) It was definitely bittersweet, but it was time I needed to work out where I needed to be over where I wanted to be.

Seattle is....amazing, so much to do, so much to see, so many people....everywhere....and...Burger King!!! (Four blocks from my that is not why I chose to live there.) Working two jobs is and interesting thing, especially since i have even more personal time which I have no idea what to do with....ya, I know....sentence one of this paragraph....but it is weird. I must admit, it still feels like it is summer break.

Living close to Sarah is...epic, that is the only word that really fits. She is 13 months younger than me, she is logic where I am emotion, she was Mama's helper and I was Daddy's ya, we didn't see eye to eye a lot. But getting to know her as an adult is magnaimous, she is still logic where I am emotion but I am not so emotional....(and sometimes she is not so logical...shhh.) We still don't get along all the time, but we handle better....I think some people call it "maturity"...., ya, that's it - maturity. I was 17 when I left home for college and we have never really lived in the same area's nice...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

You gotta love the Flu!

So the flu has been going around like mad. It isn't the worst flu I have ever seen, but it really has hit hard, so many kids were out of school last week. I have never seen classes so thin. (Course I was only there Wednesday in the am and Friday.) The flu in Globe a couple years ago was way worse as far as pain, though. With the swine flu, an everyone freaking out about it, everyone is being a bit more serious about the flu now. (The commercials by the politicians help with that too, of course.)

Today is our drumline all day rehearsal. Thay are practicing for 12 hours! Sherry Newell is our drumline leader and she is fabulous! (It is also nice to have someone take over the weight of the work too.) I get to make sure they get fed though....:) We have 11 boys in the line right now and it is quite exciting. They are working on their first song, Wizard of Winter. It is great to hear how it is coming together. Still rought, but you can hear the different lines (and if you know the song, it does soung familiar.)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I blog as good as I journal

This weekend was a Haunted House sponsored by the music students. It was a lot of fun! (Stressfull, yes, until it started....well, until the screaming started.) We also had a carnival area for the younger ones where they could earn as many prizes as they wanted.....ironically very few chose candy. (My students will love me for a bit...) It was interesting to watch the High School students have as much fun as the young ones.

This year has really been a crazy whirlwind but good. It has capitulated in me coming down with the flu worries...regular stuff. Way fun. My students are amazing and it is so humbling to be entrusted in their education. I am doing more choirs this year than bands and it is amazing to watch those kids trust me, do the crazy things I ask them to and grow together. (Especially the isn't quite seen in a positive light and it is very humbling as they make the choice to be involved in choir.)

Our first high school concert is on Tuesday, Dec 15th; the middle school concert is Wednesday, Dec 16th. I am also working with the Orchestra for the musical of Christmas Carol. Those performances are the first two weeks of December. Christmas Break starts Dec 18th and my Mom arrives on the 22nd!!! (I am so excited) The 18th of December is our first annual community Christmas sing. (Similar to the one in Globe.) Wow....I just got really tired :)

It has been a wet fall, especially compared to last year. I have missed the sunlight but the ocean is very pretty when the wind kicks up and the foam appears. There is a different smell fromt he ocean when it is stormy than when it is calm. Yesterday as I was doing my errands I saw an Eagle, and I am glad to know there will be lots of them soon.

Oh, Wal-Mart is rennovating...It reminds me more of Targets down below now. Unfortunately, they have opted to get rid of a lot of stuff we have come to depend on and it is interesting as we try and find a different place to find stuff. Or a different way to get it done. It will be interesting to see how it finally ends up. Gas is almost a dollar higher than it was last year. Safeway just redid the color of their sales and ironically everything seems to have jumped up too. (Someone said it was the effects of the economy, we can afford it so we get to pay it....) hmmmmmm

My sister has started a blog as a discussion forum. Each week she has a different topic. (Current one is on immigration.) The goal of the blog is to come up with potential solutions that we can pass on to those who can implement them. Check it out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where is that Amy, O Where is That Amy, O Where O Where O Where O Where O Where is that Amy? (To the tune of "Where is my Hairbrush")

Sorry....there wasn't enough room for all of the "O Where's"

So, yes I have been busy a bit and have been extremely neglectful... ironically, I would not change a thing and my become more neglectful in the future....hehehehe

Weather Report: The snow melted came back, partway melted so had some ice. Than a huge snow storm moved in and covered that up, then we had a slushy snow....yucky!!! (I couldn't get up the hil to work at the Elementary school one morning....not fun) So now we have lots of ice. The sun is higher in the sky and even has warmth to it!! Yea!!! The days are getting a bit longer too. I am so ready for it.

Work Report: It is good. We moved our spring concert to April 7th because we are getting the Friday before Spring Break off. Our concert was scheduled the Thursday before Spring Break and a few of our kids are going to be gone. It will be exciting to see the choir's first performance with the 6th Graders.

Life Report: hehehehehe.....It has been distracting.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow

We had our first blizzard warning Thursday night. The wind was strong but there wasn't a lot of snow. When the wind died down then the snow came!! Of course, no snow day :0(

Today it has been snowing all day, the visibility is low and I already shoveled the stairs once...two hours later it needed it again but I am being stubborn. (After all, I'm not going anywhere and not expecting anyone either....hehehe) THe forecast calls for snow and rain for an entire week. I guess we will have ot see. If the rain comes we might get a snow is the ice that really causes the problems. I even could see the path from my door to the stairs!!! Yesterday, at school the power went off for a bit, I am not sure why. (A week ago a tree fell downtown and took out power in the middle of town.)

We had our Relief Society Retreat last night and it was marvelous! Good company, good food, good games and such a wonderful feeling of fellowship too. We played one of the funnest name games...will definitely have to try it out at the next get together. The roads were all snow covered and the moon was beautiful. We were up at the beach house and the reflection off the water even looked cold.

So, I finally go some picture of the Cavans. (At least of Silvia and the boys.) They are a ton of fun! Sundays we have pancakes after church and Silvia really knows where to shop! Thomas and his Dad, Tony, just got put in as my home teachers and it is great.
Albert calls from time to time to invite me over for dinner....I just can't tell him no. (So if I say that I am going to stay home, a bit later I am getting a call from Albert....tricky;) Silvia is going to school, working on her CNA and does hair at a salon in town. Tony is the welding instructor at the high school and also works at the college. Thomas is a freshman and has so much energy it is exhausting....he reminds me of Reece. Albert is 6 but he is easily mistaken for 10!! He is so Clint.

Friday, January 2, 2009


I have always loved the idea that each day is perfect....of course then we get out of bed. The New Year definitely bring a time of reflection and self assessment. It is such a great way to wrap up the holiday season....we start with a time to think of things we are grateful for now then a time to concentrate on the gifts and sacrifices that have been done for us in the past and now a time to plan how we are going to better our future.

So, on to the resolutions....hehehe

I only have be more healthy. Simple, right... ;0) Coming to Alaska was, in part, in an effort to become more balanced so in that vein becoming more healthy doesn't just mean to eat better and loose some extra pounds (though that is part of it.) It also means to be more healthy spiritually, financially, professionally and socially...ya hope you were sitting down for that one.

So that should last until tomorrow morning (j/k) Good luck everyone!!